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We give you exceptional talent, to find exceptional talent.

Flexible Monthly Plans for On Demand Hiring Support

Our Suite of Services Include

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Rent a Recruiter offers end to end recruitment support for companies looking to make specific key hires to fully scalable hiring solutions.


Our Services Include

✓ Recruitment as a Service

✓ Flat Fee Membership

✓ Outsourcing

✓ Source / Search

✓ Screening

✓ Administration

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Our market insights services are designed to provide our clients with a deep understanding of their industry and the competitive landscape in which they operate.


Our Services Include

✓ Salary Analysis

✓ Competitor Analysis

✓ Job Role Analysis

✓ Market Analysis

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Our consultancy services are designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries overcome their recruitment challenges and achieve their hiring goals.


Our Services Include

✓ Lean Process Improvements

✓ ATS System Integration

✓ Employer Branding Health Checks

✓ Employer Branding Services

We are Revolutionising Recruitment with a Fresh Approach

Benefits of Working with Rent a Recruiter

Local Expertise

Trained talent specialists based in Australia will work with your internal team. You will receive continuous guidance and support from our Managing Director.



We provide flexible monthly membership plans allowing clients on demand hiring support when and how you need us.  Our clients find this especially helpful, as they can turn the service on and off as they scale.

Reduced Risk

The short-term, project-based nature of the service means that businesses can quickly adjust their recruitment strategy as needed. Either to scale up resources or reduce their recruitment efforts depending on their needs.

Our Success KPIs Delivered to your Team



Quarterly Client Satisfaction Score


With a Dedicated RAR Recruiter



Cost Efficiencies vs Traditional Models

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What our Clients are Saying

“Partnering with Rent a Recruiter was such a successful experience. Hiring a strong Business Partner who had the ability to hit the ground running and make a huge impact on our volume of requisitions, we would never have achieved the volume of sourcing and reaching as many candidates if it were not for Rent a Recruiter.”


Talent Acquisition Manager, Findex

“Rent a Recruiter have had a phenomenal impact on our businesses: working quickly to source, screen and set up interviews with candidates, we were able to boost our team numbers for increasing trade and new business openings at a rapid rate and with quality talent. Rent a Recruiter took the time to get to know our business values, models and requirements, and integrated seamlessly with our operation to deliver excellent results, all whilst being an absolute pleasure to deal with. I could not recommend Rent a Recruiter services more highly.”


Director, House made Hospitality

“I can say, without hesitation, that she has exceeded my expectations in all the situations that we have worked together. I highly recommend Rent a Recruiter. They are professional and have done an excellent job matching company needs to a professional’s desires.”

Erin Jakubans

Head of People and Culture, NEXTDC

“ Through Rent a Recruiter, we were able to fill 17 vacancies in just 2 short months across our NSW & ACT hotels in an extremely competitive hospitality talent market. Rent a Recruiter relieved a significant amount of pressure from our operational Managers and made the hiring process smooth, efficient and tapped into hidden talent through their resourceful and proactive approach. Rent a Recruiter were a pleasure to liaise with and we couldn’t recommend them enough! ”


People & Capability Manager, TFE Hotels

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We give you exceptional talent, to find exceptional talent.

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Jessica Vatoff

Managing Director, Rent a Recruiter

Location: Sydney, Australia

P: +61450 101 315 ,


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